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Chiefs, Warriors Go Nuts For A Tie

Thanks to Darren Francis for the photo.

Thanks to Darren Francis for the photo.

That was something, wasn’t it?

Fourteen goals. Seven each. One player on either side with a hat-trick. An overtime penalty shot. Two goals to tie in the final minute with the goaltender out. An extremely entertaining game that still…kinda…felt like a loss for the Chiefs on Sunday. All you can do after that one is shake your head.

– You can look at it two ways: The Chiefs were dead in the water trailing 5-2 early in the second period. We’ve seen this team fall behind big in games earlier in the year. On many of those occasions, they stayed behind. Not tonight.

Five unanswered goals to take a 7-5 lead, spearheaded by Tanner Cochrane and Jake Hand, who were both great in this game with six points between them. Tanner had a hat-trick, the third one the most dramatic that put the Chiefs up 6-5. Hand added insurance on a chance in alone – great setup from Andrew Silard on that play- and it was 7-5 with 2:27 left.

Enter David Pope.

Pope, if you can belive it, has done this once before with the Dubs this season, scoring twice with the goalie out to tie the game in the final minute. He did so on Sunday, scoring two goals in 47 seconds to tie the game at 7 and force overtime. Pope scored his first goal on the first shift of the game, a play all but forgotten by the time OT rolled around. Great night for Pope with the four points, and Carl Hesler, Jason Cotton, Adam Plant, Ben Teghtmeyer – all beasts, those guys. Good team over there.

Pope was involved heavily in overtime, as was Chilliwack’s Josh Halpenny, who did not start. He came on in relief of Spencer Tremblay at 5-2 and was terrific. The Chiefs were outshot heavily again in this game, and although they couldn’t secure the two points, Halpenny’s penalty shot save (Oh, that’s right, there was a freaking overtime penalty shot in this game, too.) on David Pope preserved the tie. West K outshot Chilliwack 11-4 in the two OT’s. That’s Halpenny, right there. He made some other biggies late in the game, too.

– Had to run some stuff down to the bench for Soupy before the game. Saw Jordan Kawaguchi taping his stick on the bench. I said to him that he’d get a couple. He got one on a great setup from Jake Hand for the team’s first goal, and his first goal in 28 games. Made me look pretty smart there. He’s been buzzing lately. Getting an opportunity, and going to the right spots.

– Mathieu Tibbet had the best overtime chance for Chilliwack, going through the entire Warrior roster before Cody Porter got a piece of his shot. Had Tibbet scored there, my head would have exploded, and I would have been dead.

– Silard, Gober, Westeringh – energy and confidence, man. It’s an amazing thing. I think Westeringh’s in the midst of his best stretch as a Chief. And Gober continues to play with a real edge. Pretty goal too, to get the comeback started in the second period.

– Shout out to Cam Campbell for his work on the broadcast tonight. I was (and am) significantly under the weather. He kept my game up. Gotta rely on your linemates sometimes.

You can say they blew a two goal lead in the final minute. You can say they ripped off five straight to take the lead, setting themselves up for points against the hottest team in the league.

The compete level has been better. The buy-in has been better. Harvey Smyl said so himself before the game.

With that in mind…

On to Surrey.

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