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140 Or More: Looked Better, Same Result

I think I’ve got more to say about Saturday’s game in comparison to that 43 minute nap both teams had Friday in Langley. So there’s that.

You know the drill by now. Thoughts on a 5-2 Rivermen win in Chilliwack That Was Too Big For Tweets:

– Josh Halpenny made some big saves Saturday. A whole pile of ’em. He was good. Will Cook on a point blank chance in the first. Two breakaway stops. That stop on Cook was followed up seconds later by the Kevin Killistoff goal that tied the game at one, which was a bummer. Heads up play by Cook to find his teammate in front when Caleb Thompson committed to him up high near the circle. I realize the Rivermen still scored five, but I liked Halpenny’s game tonight. He was fine.

– I think that last thought is a testament to Langley as a group. All five of their goals came at even strength on Saturday night. I don’t care who the opponent is: You score five at even strength on the road in a back to back situation – You’re good. Plenty of skill for the Riv, but size to go with it – Ustaski, McLain, Riechert, Urban, Killistoff, Marcus Vela – that’s a deep group.

– Jaret Babych’s goal that was called back in the first period: It should have been a goal, as the replay clearly showed. As far as I understand however, there can’t be a video review in this league, simply because not every rink has a replay board in it. That’s fine, but the sequence itself was bizarre: Babych chips in his rebound after the initial shot hit the post, the puck bounces off the middle support bar in the back of the net and comes out, head official Nick Bilko clearly missed it, based on his incredibly funny touchdown signal that followed. The call on the ice was eventually a goal, and you would think without the benefit of video review that it couldn’t be overturned….

You would think…

Somehow after a conversation with the goal judge, and the crowd reacting to the replays which clearly showed the puck went in…it was called back. Someone changed that call for some reason. Cruel at the time, given that would have been the Chiefs first goal in 155 minutes of hockey.

– And then Kiefer McNaughton’s point shot snuck through Lyndon Stanwood four seconds later to give the Chiefs their 1-0 lead. Sports, man.

– Rivermen head coach Bobby Henderson used the term ‘elevator music’ to describe the first forty mintues in Langley Friday night. There was more feel to this one, which was a relief from an entertainment standpoint. Couple fights: Jacob Riechert going after Eric Roberts after Roberts gave Mitch McLain a good shot inbetween the circles – Riechert picked up an instigator, and Roberts was banged up – he didn’t play again after the scrap, leaving the Chiefs with five defensemen. Kyle Westeringh and Chris Forney went at it as well. Chirping, too. These two teams meet twice more before the year is out.

– Liked Blake Gober’s game. Thought he stood out. Went hard to the net a few times. They’ll need more of that going forward.

– Chilliwack’s effort was solid tonight. It really was, but as we all know – no time for moral victories. I think the Chiefs can get those results next week with two against Coquitlam. Just a gut feeling.


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