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The Finish: Chiefs 5, Spruce Kings 2

That was a fun six days. In those six days, there were five games played. This two week break before the start of the Surrey series is going to be just what the doctor ord….

…..Wait, what?

The next round starts in less than two DAYS? We’re going to Surrey on Friday? Really?

Well, then.

Here’s some leftovers:

1. Forget the players and coaches for two seconds. You all know by now about my broadcast partner Cam Campbell. High energy, great personality, very passionate about the game. I’m fortunate to work with him every night, as you are all to listen to him.

I thought his energy after sleeping on a bus for eight hours, and then working all day before coming to the rink for Game 5 was terrific. In fact, maybe he was a little TOO tuned up. I tweeted after the first period that he would burst into flames after this one ended win or lose. I’m happy to report that he did not burst into flames. I was worried for awhile there, though.

2. Prince George scored on their first shot again, cashing in on a 2 on 1 after Shay Laurent got tangled up with one of the officials along the boards. I’m just glad for the sake of everyone involved that that play happened in the game’s opening minute, and not the final minute. What an unfortunate break early.

3. Chilliwack had 58 minutes to recover from that. They did. Started with a good net drive by Luke Esposito. Josh Hansen went to the net and buried the rebound. Looked a lot like Mathieu Tibbet’s 3-1 goal in the third after Spencer Graboski had danced around Kevin Guiltinan to get the puck on goal initially. I’ll bet that felt good for Tibbet, popping in a rebound while Guiltinan, the player who gave him a tough time earlier this year, could only watch.

4. Phil Zielonka just scores goals, bro. Seven in the series. Great cross-seam look from Graboski to set him up on the power play as well.

5. The sequence before that power play goal: David Thompson took a bad penalty, getting away with two cross-checks on Chad Staley down low before being whistled for a third one. It was a bad penalty, and he probably knew it. Upon stepping out of the penalty box, he called for the puck, and with urgency, took it across the blueline and towards the net. He was hauled down – drawing the power play that yielded the Chiefs a goal and a lead they would not relinquish.

6. Prince George didn’t quit in the third after Austin Plevy made it 4-1. They battled ’till the end. Give that team and staff credit for a hard-fought series.

7. In the 12 hours between getting off the bus in the morning, and the puck drop on Wednesday night, I thought to myself –

It can’t end like this for this team. Not now.

I had the sense that there was more in store for this group. I wasn’t ready to see players like Thompson, Perron-Fontaine, Hills, Gillam, Hansen – players that arrived in Chilliwack the same time I did for the new incarnation of the franchise – play their last game in a Chiefs uniform. I wasn’t ready to see that.

8. One thing I did learn about very quickly upon arriving in Chilliwack back in September of 2011 – the rivalry with the Surrey Eagles. It is an absolute honour to play a very small role in a Chiefs-Eagles playoff series, which will start this Friday night at the South Surrey Arena.

Can we petition the League to change it from a best of five series to a best of seven? If they did, would the league schedule seven games in eight days just for good measure? Five high intensity playoff games in six days between teams a nine hour drive apart was an incredible idea, I’m sure they’d go for that one too, right?

A nod to this Chiefs team for refusing to die Wednesday night. I don’t know how long this run will last, but it just wasn’t their time to do so in this series. They were better.

The Eagles will be an absolute monster.

I’m going to bed. See ya Friday.


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