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The Day After

March 26, 2013 2 comments

Just some scattered thoughts that I’ve managed to string into sentences following last night’s season ending defeat:

1. After the building had cleared out, the ice was cleaned, and the team came out together in uniform for one last skate together as a group. Many players from this team will not be back next season, and that’s the dark side of Junior A hockey – a particular group of players usually only has one year together to try and accomplish something great. As much as I’d like to sit here like an NHL scribe and wax on about Esposito, Plevy, Zielonka getting one more year together, the D-core continuing to grow as a seven-man unit, and the steady goaltending of Mitch Gillam – the bedrock for everything this year – I can’t. And that’s tough. That’s junior hockey. Next man up. The Chiefs’ coaches and scouting staff have work in front of them this summer, but I have no doubt that they’ll ice a very competitive team for you again next season.

2. It was bittersweet for me to thank the guys that I had covered for two seasons – since I had arrived in Chilliwack – Mitch Gillam, Trevor Hills, Alexandre Perron-Fontaine, David Thompson, and Josh Hansen – These guys had arrived when I did. Difficult to see that group especially, play their last games in a Chief uniform.

3. For a guy with a broken ankle, Tanner Cochrane was in pretty good (painkillers) spirits on Monday night after the game. He’ll be re-evaluated, and should make a full recovery. Unfortunate to see him go down in the first period like that on Monday night. Good guy.

4. People have brought up the officiating from Monday to me. In my position, I’ve always thought it’s tacky to rip officials. Especially now that the Chiefs have lost, and the season’s over. I’ll say this though – The gentlemen in charge of officiating Monday night’s game 3 – They had a tough day at the office. No different from you or me.

5. Harvey Smyl reiterated this before game 3, and I belive it – This defeat wasn’t due to a lack of effort. You could see the desire, the try from the Chiefs in this series. It was clear. Surrey was just a little bit better. That overtime Monday night showed a lot. I think Chilliwack went into that OT hoping they would win. The Eagles? They knew they would. You could also see that. I like Surrey over whatever emerges from the Island in the Coastal Final. Congratulations, and hats off to them on a great series. That’s a good team over there.

6. I still can’t believe the league all thought that this playoff format on the Coastal side would be a good idea, with the Interior teams just sitting back and clipping their toenails for eight days waiting for the conference final to get started. In fact, it’s so popular, that they’re changing it again for next season with Wenatchee entering the fray in the Mainland Division! Yay! Continuity and competitive balance for everyone!

(Chilliwack may not have been worn out physically due to this nutty format, but they were tired mentally. It cost them in game one, and they never really recovered. They don’t get enough credit for winning Game 5 of that Prince George series after spending all night on a bus. That was incredible. This format, though. What a joke. Ask me how I really feel.)

7. This concludes my first season with a blog to worry about. Thank you to everyone who reads this thing – It’s a tremendous feeling to know that I don’t write it for my health. Thank you to everyone who tuned in during the year on 89.5 The Hawk to hear Cam and myself – We all know you listen intently as well. Soupy gets an inordinate amount of in-game texts. Thank you to the office staff with the Chiefs – Glen Ringdal, Barry Douglas, Andrea Laycock, JB, Moray Keith, Jim Bond, the Hasselmans – for allowing and trusting me to do what I do – the best part of my gig here in Chilliwack.

8. Thank you to the fans – There are a lot of you. More on average, in fact, than any team in the BCHL. You should be proud of that, and your contributions make my job feel just a little bit more significant.

9. Thank you again to Cam Campbell. The only colour man I need in this City. He provides a ton of colour, too. On the mic and off. One of a kind.

10. Thank you to the coaching staff, and the trainers – Harvey Smyl, Doug Ast, Brandon Fleenor, Rob Bruni, Paul Nicholls, Cam Janzen, Jason Denham, Colten Mawhinney – During the season, I see these eight more than I do my own family. Thank you fellas for making me feel like a part of the family from day one. It’s highly unlikely I could find a better crew somewhere else.

11. Special thanks to Harvey, Doug, and Brandon – for answering re-worded versions of the same questions before and after every game. You could all go John Tortorella on me, and you never do. Makes my job so easy.

12. To the players – I got to all of you last night, but I’ll say it again – Calling your games is fun because you guys make it that way. What a blast. Thank you.

There will be plenty of news throughout the summer surrounding the team, i’m sure. I’ll do my best to keep you updated as the days pass.

Until then, thanks for staying with me, and enjoy the off-season.


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Last Call?

March 25, 2013 Leave a comment
Ryan Donohoe scored twice in Saturday's game 2 defeat. Photo: Damon James

Ryan Donohoe scored twice in Saturday’s game 2 defeat. Photo: Damon James

Game Three – Prospera Centre – 7pm – 89.5 The Hawk – Eagles Lead Series 2-0

Title of this post notwithstanding, I hope it’s not the last one for this group. They can point to at least four periods in the first two games and definitively say that they’ve been the better team. Chilliwack has outshot Surrey in each of the first two games. If you eliminate the odd-man rushes they’ve squandered, this series is pretty dead even.

It should be tied at 1.

But it’s not.


1. Chilliwack could stand to use a little early game momentum. They’ve surrendered the game’s first goal the last four times out, winning just one of those games – last week’s game 5 against Prince George. The Chiefs have all the motivation in the world to come out strong in this one now that it’s shifted back home. As they can attest, a closeout game is the hardest to win, especially on the road. It will benefit the Chiefs to give the Eagles that kind of doubt early.

2. Mentioned this on Saturday night, but I’ll bring it up again – too many odd-man rushes for the Eagles in this series. Give Surrey credit, as their execution with those chances has been terrific, but the Chiefs can’t allow that to continue.

3. Coming into the series, I brought up players like Drew Best, Nic Pierog, Trevor Cameron, Tanner Burns, Tanner Cochrane, Brodyn Nielsen – which of that group can make the difference tonight? Trevor Hills can be one of those players, as well. Hats off to Trevor Cameron, but nobody could have seen his game 2 hat-trick coming. A Chief will have to have one of those nights (or something similar) for this series to be extended.

4. (Cliche alert!) Chilliwack’s best guys have to be their best guys. Goaltender on out. They’ve looked the better team for stretches in this series. Sixty minutes of being the better team will go a long way towards getting people around here to think about a comeback.

Last call?

I hope not.

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Pushed To The Brink – Eagles 5, Chiefs 4

March 24, 2013 Leave a comment
Photo: Damon James

Spencer Graboski’s goal got the Chiefs within one, but they ran out of time in this one. Photo: Damon James

Eagles 5, Chiefs 4 (Eagles lead series 2-0) Game 3 Monday night at Prospera Centre

Tough one Saturday night for the Chilliwack Chiefs. The effort was there, and there were things to like – but that’s not what the name of the game is in March.

Here’s what stood out:

1. The atmosphere at the South Surrey Arena was awesome. Really enjoyed…just…being there on Saturday night. Felt like a playoff game. Strong turnout from the Chiefs fans, as the fan bus was sold out in a day. They were loud, too. Really made a difference at times. A nod to them.

2. Chilliwack finally solving Michael Santaguida after being shut out for four periods. Santaguida wasn’t going to be perfect forever, but I started to think for a little bit there. Santaguida is also one of the only goaltenders I’ve seen to make a save with the glove standing up, drop the puck at his feet, and play it outside the blueline from a standstill. Unique.

3. So unique, it was Santaguida’s puckhandling gaffe that allowed Ryan Donohoe to score the first Chilliwack goal of the series. I didn’t actually see Donohoe’s backhander cross the line, as he stuffed it between the left post and the goaltender. Had to go on the reaction of the Chiefs fans on that side to know it was in. Nod to them again.

4. The Eagles’ Trevor Cameron, who pretty much had the game of his life with a hat-trick. That’s the playoffs. Nod to him. It doesn’t have to be Shaw/Tambellini/Hannoun all the time. That’s why the Eagles are so dangerous, and such a good club.

5. One too many odd-man rushes given up by the Chiefs in this game. The first one cost the Chiefs the opening goal on a bad line-change. The 5th goal was a killer with five minutes left – Chilliwack had opened things up pressing for the tie. David Thompson’s pinch from the left point wasn’t successful, and Adam Tambellini took off the other way, feeding Michael Stenerson for the goal. Ill-timed pinches and line changes hurt the Chiefs in the first period of game one, and it stung them again. That’s very frustrating when it happens in October, let alone late March. Game of inches, hockey is. It doesn’t take much.

6. Moments before the 5-3 goal, Luke Esposito just missed on a chance in front. Looked like the puck hit both the crossbar and the post, and was waved off very quickly. Looked like it was in from my angle. Inches.


Graboski after the 5-4 goal with 1:51 left in the 3rd. Photo: Damon James

7. 6 on 4 power play late, down a goal, Esposito wins a faceoff cleanly – Perron-Fontaine creeping in towards the circle, and the puck shot right past him out to centre. The Chiefs would not threaten again. Inches.

8. No fights, but plenty of scrums, wrestling matches, cross-penalty box chirping, fans getting into it with players and coaches – You know, a Chilliwack-Surrey playoff game. What a blast.

There have been stretches where the Chiefs have looked like the better team in this series, no question about it. The desire to win is clearly there, as anybody at the South Surrey Arena on Saturday night can attest.



Now – the right way to look at this from a Chilliwack standpoint is this: Surrey did what they were supposed to do in the first two games at home. The Chiefs have to do the same upon the series’ return to ‘The Hood’ on Monday night, and then again on Tuesday to give themselves a chance in game 5 – where anything can happen.

Otherwise, it’s an offseason.

Maybe an offseason talking about inches.

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First Period Egg: Eagles Take Game One

March 23, 2013 Leave a comment
Phil Zielonka in Game One at the SSA. Photo: Damon James

Phil Zielonka in Game One at the SSA. Photo: Damon James

This post could be one sentence long. It really could. Chilliwack wasn’t ready to play in the first period, and it cost them. Simple as that.

I’ll give you some more, though.

It’s apparent that the Eagles are a different beast than the Prince George Spruce Kings. There’s far more skill (and more importantly, finish) up front for this talented Surrey group. That group took it to Chilliwack in the opening minutes, scoring 46 seconds in as Brady Shaw converted on a 2 on 1 from Michael Stenerson. It marked the third straight game that the Chiefs had given up a goal in the first two shifts. A disturbing trend if there ever was one.

Chilliwack topped themselves by allowing a goal shortly after that. Demico Hannoun’s shot was well placed to beat Gillam, but the bigger story was the zone entry afforded the Eagles throughout the first period of the game – it was far too easy.

After Trevor Cameron made it 3-0, the Chiefs got a late period power play, and despite not scoring, appeared to generate some momentum.

All that momentum went to die when four Chiefs were caught in the neutral zone, leading to a 3 on 1 where Brady Shaw made no mistake.

Chilliwack did get 35 shots on Michael Santaguida, but the Surrey ‘tender was square to the shooter almost all night long. Phil Zielonka just missed on an opportunity in the third, and there were a few goalmouth scrambles that didn’t bounce the Chiefs way, but that was about it.

There were a few questionable calls from the zebras, but Chilliwack didn’t do themselves too many favours with penalties born out of frustration. A positive – they killed off all eight powerplays they faced. Surrey really didn’t generate much with the man advantage tonight.

Much like the 10-1 win over PG in game 2, this is just one game. Chilliwack knows their start simply wasn’t good enough on Friday night, and they will be better at the SSA on Saturday evening.

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They’ve Met Before: Chilliwack V. Surrey

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment
 Photo: Garrett James

Photo: Garrett James

Game One: Chilliwack Chiefs At Surrey Eagles

South Surrey Arena, 6:45 pregame, 7:15pm faceoff on 89.5 The Hawk

– I opened the preview of the last series talking about the supposed ‘lack’ of advantage the higher seed had in the best of five format. The Chiefs are on the other side of that now, and while the goal is to win both at the SSA, all they have to do is take one to give themselves home ice advantage beginning Monday night at Prospera Centre.

– The Chiefs have won in this building twice this season, including a 4-3 overtime triumph on September 30th, which was also Josh Halpenny’s first career BCHL victory. Luke Esposito scored the winner that night. There was also a 2-1 victory on the 16th of November. Surrey did have the upper hand over the second half of the season, winning three of four to close out the regular season series.

– As you might expect, special teams will be huge in this series. There’s plenty of skill on the ice for both sides – Zielonka, Plevy, Esposito, Hansen, Tibbet, Graboski, Donohoe, Hills, Tambellini, Hannoun, Shaw, Stenerson, Klimek – the team who is more disciplined throughout will win this series. Given the history between these two franchises, you can bet the officials will let them play – If you’re going to take a penalty, make it a smart one – The Chiefs enter the matchup with the league’s best powerplay percentage in the postseason at 30.4%, after going 7 for 23 in the Prince George series. Surrey connected at a 25% clip in their four game victory over the Langley Rivermen.

– I’ve talked about the depth on the blueline for Chilliwack all season – that will be put to the test against the Eagles in this series. All seven blueliners have gotten time in the postseason. Ben Masella has been playing his best hockey to this point. David Thompson and Shay Laurent will have their hands full as the top pairing against Tambellini and Shaw. Alex Perron-Fontaine, Keifer McNaughton, Cooper Rush, Eric Roberts – the Chiefs will need everybody in this one, as the Eagles do have a lot of depth up front.

– Those ‘depth’ forwards could make a difference for Surrey in the series. For everything that Shaw, Hannoun, and Tambellini have done – It’s Colton Mackie, Drew Best, and Brett Mulcahy that have given the Chiefs troubles at times. I’m interested to see which group of foot soldiers wins the battle in this series. Tanner Cochrane, Brodyn Nielsen, Tanner Burns, and Jaret Babych will have to be at their best.

– The Gillam/Michael Santaguida matchup in goal will be terrific. Both have proven they can win games by themselves.

Too close to call, this series. I’ll say Chiefs In Five because I certainly believe they can win, but the Eagles were the best team over the last half of the season.

Surrey has a slight edge up front. The Chiefs are stronger on the back-end. The goaltending matchup is even. Special teams are strong on both sides.

Who’s ready for another five-game-in-six-day stretch?

I am.

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The Finish: Chiefs 5, Spruce Kings 2

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

That was a fun six days. In those six days, there were five games played. This two week break before the start of the Surrey series is going to be just what the doctor ord….

…..Wait, what?

The next round starts in less than two DAYS? We’re going to Surrey on Friday? Really?

Well, then.

Here’s some leftovers:

1. Forget the players and coaches for two seconds. You all know by now about my broadcast partner Cam Campbell. High energy, great personality, very passionate about the game. I’m fortunate to work with him every night, as you are all to listen to him.

I thought his energy after sleeping on a bus for eight hours, and then working all day before coming to the rink for Game 5 was terrific. In fact, maybe he was a little TOO tuned up. I tweeted after the first period that he would burst into flames after this one ended win or lose. I’m happy to report that he did not burst into flames. I was worried for awhile there, though.

2. Prince George scored on their first shot again, cashing in on a 2 on 1 after Shay Laurent got tangled up with one of the officials along the boards. I’m just glad for the sake of everyone involved that that play happened in the game’s opening minute, and not the final minute. What an unfortunate break early.

3. Chilliwack had 58 minutes to recover from that. They did. Started with a good net drive by Luke Esposito. Josh Hansen went to the net and buried the rebound. Looked a lot like Mathieu Tibbet’s 3-1 goal in the third after Spencer Graboski had danced around Kevin Guiltinan to get the puck on goal initially. I’ll bet that felt good for Tibbet, popping in a rebound while Guiltinan, the player who gave him a tough time earlier this year, could only watch.

4. Phil Zielonka just scores goals, bro. Seven in the series. Great cross-seam look from Graboski to set him up on the power play as well.

5. The sequence before that power play goal: David Thompson took a bad penalty, getting away with two cross-checks on Chad Staley down low before being whistled for a third one. It was a bad penalty, and he probably knew it. Upon stepping out of the penalty box, he called for the puck, and with urgency, took it across the blueline and towards the net. He was hauled down – drawing the power play that yielded the Chiefs a goal and a lead they would not relinquish.

6. Prince George didn’t quit in the third after Austin Plevy made it 4-1. They battled ’till the end. Give that team and staff credit for a hard-fought series.

7. In the 12 hours between getting off the bus in the morning, and the puck drop on Wednesday night, I thought to myself –

It can’t end like this for this team. Not now.

I had the sense that there was more in store for this group. I wasn’t ready to see players like Thompson, Perron-Fontaine, Hills, Gillam, Hansen – players that arrived in Chilliwack the same time I did for the new incarnation of the franchise – play their last game in a Chiefs uniform. I wasn’t ready to see that.

8. One thing I did learn about very quickly upon arriving in Chilliwack back in September of 2011 – the rivalry with the Surrey Eagles. It is an absolute honour to play a very small role in a Chiefs-Eagles playoff series, which will start this Friday night at the South Surrey Arena.

Can we petition the League to change it from a best of five series to a best of seven? If they did, would the league schedule seven games in eight days just for good measure? Five high intensity playoff games in six days between teams a nine hour drive apart was an incredible idea, I’m sure they’d go for that one too, right?

A nod to this Chiefs team for refusing to die Wednesday night. I don’t know how long this run will last, but it just wasn’t their time to do so in this series. They were better.

The Eagles will be an absolute monster.

I’m going to bed. See ya Friday.


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On The Verge: Chiefs Take Game 3

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment


Game 3: Chiefs 5, Spruce Kings 3 – Chiefs Lead Series 2-1

Much like my post-game thoughts from Game 2 – We’re gonna go real quick here.

1. This game was decided in the opening minutes of all three periods. There’s no possible way a home team in a playoff series can give up goals in the first, second, and third periods in the opening minute and hope to be successful. Chilliwack was happy to oblige, though. Phil Zielonka got it started on the first shift 20 seconds in on a scramble in front of the net. Mathieu Tibbet picked up a Zielonka pass and beat Kirk Thompson with a five-hole backhander 46 seconds into the second period, and Luke Esposito intercepted a breakout pass, walked in, and beat Thompson with a backhand deke 1:02 into the third. All three were important goals to be sure. Esposito’s may have been the biggest, as Prince George’s biggest push came in the third period.

2. The Spruce Kings finished 1 for 9 on the power play. Their only goal came on a 5 on 3. The Chiefs may have finished 0 for 4 on the power play themselves, but they’re winning the special teams battle in this series. Eight kills are eight kills, playoffs or otherwise.

3. The line of Graboski-Tibbet-Zielonka the last little while. Good thing those three have going. That early goal from Tibbet in the second period was big at the time. Nice pass, and a nice finish. Your BCHL playoff points leaders after three games? Zielonka and Tibbet, 1-2 respectively.

4. Ben Masella has earned ‘So Solid You Don’t Really Notice Him Out There’ status for me. The ultimate defenseman compliment. Terrific on the penalty kill that took care of eight of the nine penalties.

5. Third game in a row the Chiefs have kept PG’s shot total in the 20’s. Just 22 on Gillam tonight.

6. Can they finish the job tomorrow?

We’ll see.

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March 18, 2013 Leave a comment


Game Three: Chilliwack Chiefs at Prince George Spruce Kings (Series Tied 1-1)

Prince George Coliseum, 6:30 pregame, 7pm faceoff on 89.5 The Hawk

– Was at the morning skate today, and one of the first things that I was reminded of upon walking back into the Prince George Coliseum: The boards. They are lively. Particularly behind the nets. That makes a simple dump in entertaining. The size of the rink also comes into play, and I think it favours Chilliwack. It certainly played well into their hands during the four regular season games – The Chiefs went 4-0, including two shutout victories. The team that controls the neutral zone on the smaller surface, and limits turnovers there will win the game.

– Staying with turnovers, Prince George had a tough time generating much offensively in the first two games. They’ll try to force some Chilliwack mistakes, setting up counter-attack rushes. PG’s execution on odd-man rushes is usually pretty good, and they may need a couple 2 on 1’s to generate some goals, and some confidence tonight.

– Kirk Thompson will bounce back. No question about that. He’s done so in his last two starts after getting the hook – one of those bounce back victories came in Chilliwack in February.  While Chilliwack had some fun at his expense in game two, it’s still on the Chiefs’ forwards to bear down, and not waste quality opportunities. That’s what teams with a killer instinct do.

– Teams at every level talk about starts all the time. I expect Prince George to come out flying in game three, mainly because they have no choice. If Chilliwack can match that energy in the first period, they’ll be just fine. I think they’ll weather an expected storm from the Spruce Kings, and win a game tonight in a building that’s felt like home at times this season.

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Game 2 : Real Quick….

March 17, 2013 Leave a comment

1. One night after it seemed like Kirk Thompson was Martin Brodeur, Vladislav Tretiak, and the April-June 2012 version of Jonathan Quick all rolled into one – The Chiefs chased him in the second period of game 2 after five unanswered goals. Sports sure are funny sometimes. I did very politely suggest on Saturday morning that the Chiefs were capable of putting a few pucks past the Spruce Kings netminder from time to time. Thompson will bounce back, as will Prince George as they return home, but it was good that the Chiefs did not allow Thompson to get inside their heads going into a crucial game 3.

2. I understand that there will be some Prince George fans/players/management upset that the Chiefs were ‘running up the score’ in this one. My counter: The Spruce Kings were frustrated (not that I blame them. I would be too, if that was me down there.) and proceeded to take a number of silly penalties born out of that frustration.

If you’re gonna do it that way…..well….you know….Wouldn’t you be more offended if Team X just moved the puck around the perimeter and refrained from shooting? Chilliwack’s top players spent a large chunk of the third period on the bench. I think it was handled properly.

3. Game one was classified as ‘Just one game’ from both sides. This game will earn that same distinction from both sides. The score is irrelevant at this point.

4. The Spruce Kings were out of this one early on in the second period, so I can’t get a feel for how charged they were offensively, but the Chiefs have done a pretty good job keeping their opponents’ quality scoring chances to a minimum. The Spruce Kings may be heading home, but they’re also heading home to a smaller ice surface, where their smaller forwards have had a heck of a time with the big Chilliwack D around the net. Pressure’s on the Spruce Kings to answer back in a big way on Monday.

5. Chilliwack went 4-0 in the Prince George Coliseum this season.

See ya Monday.


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Game 2: Result Searchin’

March 16, 2013 Leave a comment


Game Two: Prince George Spruce Kings At Chilliwack Chiefs (Spruce Kings Lead Series 1-0)

Prospera Centre, 6:30 pregame, 7pm faceoff on 89.5 The Hawk

Ticket information can be found here. (Can be purchased at the box office on game days as well, of course.)

Tonight’s Program with head to head numbers

– For the Chiefs, it’s about not being discouraged going into Saturday night’s game. They really did enough to win Game 1, but when the playoffs come around, you’re going to encounter a hot goaltender, and Kirk Thompson certainly was that in the first game Friday night. Chilliwack came out with great energy on Friday, and they’ll have to do the same tonight – perhaps that same fire will produce a goal or two early, and relieve some of the pressure.

– I’m sure Prince George would like to get to Mitch Gillam a little more than they did in Game 1. The Chiefs did a fine job keeping pucks to the outside. The first Spruce Kings goal was on a power play, and the other was a great individual effort by Coltyn Hansen. PG didn’t blow anybody away with quality scoring chances on Friday, and the Chiefs will have to limit them again.

– I’m also sure the Spruce Kings don’t want to take their chances in allowing 44 shots again. Chilliwack, despite their efforts, couldn’t finish on Friday, and at this time of year you’ve got to bury those opportunities. The missed open net from Luke Esposito towards the end of the second period with the game still 1-0 really stuck out last night. There were others as well, but that was a big one. Don’t get discouraged, and bear down.

– Kirk Thompson has now flat out stole two games at Prospera Centre this year, but he can be beat by this Chilliwack group – I’ve seen them do it. Remember this game?


January 23rd. Chiefs 6, Spruce Kings 2. Four goals in the first period alone. Kirk Thompson in goal. And check out that first Chiefs’ tally – that was a bounce! Chilliwack had exactly one bounce in game one – and it came with three seconds left in the game.

That can’t happen again, can it?

Kirk Thompson can’t be Batman between the pipes again, can he?


Sports are great. I think the Chiefs will even the series tonight, and take some momentum up north.

See ya there.

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